Triton Spring Launch was a new program in 2018 that required me to design a new logo/style for a week of events in the beginning of the school year at UMSL. The program was similar to a program in the beginning of the fall semester called "Triton Take-Off", so  I had to keep it similar but different enough that nobody would confuse the two. The design would be used every year for future years. 
The main piece besides the logo was a mailer that was sent out to all incoming students that had information about the first weekend of events, as well as folding out to reveal a poster with a schedule of events for the first two weeks of the semester. This poster was also hung all around campus.
There was other collateral as well such as posters, and digital images.
I also had to create small banners that would be placed over designs for event posters, for the events that took place during Spring Launch, to help everyone recognize which events were included. There was one for posters, and one for the digital signage that displayed around campus.
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